Durom Cup Settlement Program

Updated Information on the Durom Cup Settlement Program

May 13, 2016

Judge Wigenton has entered a Case Management Order Regarding Settlement Agreement in the Durom Cup MDL, which orders all plaintiffs in the Durom Cup MDL to participate in the Durom Cup Settlement Program. Because this order came after the April 29, 2016, registration deadline, Zimmer has agreed to extend the registration deadline for all plaintiffs and claimants to May 31, 2016. All terms of the Settlement Agreement remain in effect, including the categorization deadline of May 31, 2016.

About the Durom Cup Settlement Program

This is the official website for the U.S. Durom Cup Settlement Program (the “Settlement Program”). The Settlement Program was created by the U.S. Durom Cup Settlement Program Agreement (the “Settlement Agreement”) reached between plaintiffs’ lawyers and Zimmer, Inc. (“Zimmer”). At this time, the Settlement Program is the only process for submitting Durom Cup claims to Zimmer for settlement. The details of the Settlement Program are set out in the Settlement Agreement, which is available at the Settlement Agreement tab, above. All documents needed to register for the Settlement Program and complete the categorization process are available at the Claim Forms tab. All documents and information may be submitted by mail or by using the “Submit Your Forms” button on the Claim Forms tab.

The Settlement Program is only open to U.S. citizens or legal residents who had a Durom Cup implanted in the U.S.

The Settlement Program has two tracks. Claimants may be eligible for either the Base Award Program or the Fixed Award Program. The Base Award Program provides an award payment of $175,000, which may then be increased or decreased based on certain, pre-defined criteria that apply to individual claims. The Fixed Award Program is for claimants in certain situations that limit the value of their claims. The award amount under the Fixed Award Program is $25,000 and no further adjustments are available.